The leap in the future of music with algoritm A-Mint (Artificial Music Intelligence), created by Alex Braga with professors Francesco Riganti Fulginei, Antonino Laudani and University RomaTre, has just started, with the help of extraordinary talent of Luxemburguese pianist Francesco Tristano, an acclaimed international star of both classic and electronic music . Tristano, Braga and A-Mint made their world debut in the world’s temple of contemporary art, the Centre Pompidou in Paris, as closing act of prestigious Mutations Creations Festival for the finissage of Codèr Le Monde exibhition, side by side with such names as sacred monster Ryoji Ikeda. The stunning piano improvisation by Tristano and the futuristic real-time electronic orchestrations by Braga & A-Mint, enhanced by the generative videoprojections, rewrite the rules of live electronic music, and plunge the audience into a unique experience, always different because of the impulses and interpretations of the Artificial Music Intelligence A-Mint, a trip in unknown and never explored before territories and boundaries, made of new sounds,technology, images, energy , sweat, heart and soul.

We started our journey with pianist Danilo Rea; at the moment we are touring with Francesco Tristano and we are constantly looking forward to expand our musical horizons and performances with amazingly talented artists willing to experiment with us. We have signed an agreement with the Conservatory of Santa Cecilia in Rome (one of the oldest and most important musical institutions in the world), for the establishment of the first academic A-MINT masterclass held by the Professors Riganti and Laudani and by Alex Braga. This collaboration has also inspired a partnerships with talented young pianists who have already performed together with A-MInt at the Europian Maker Faire in Rome. A-MINT is going to be the first artificial intelligence in the world to be studied in a conservatory as musical instrument in a new interpretation of the future neoclassic music.


A-MINT is participated by Enry's Island, the first international business incubation and acceleration platform. "A-Mint has already attracted the attention of big industrial and financial players, interested in accompanying us in the A-Mint scale-up - explains Luigi V. Rinaldi, CEO of Enry's Island -. Our goal is to structure the concept of A-Mint and make it the heart of a solid and scalable reality from a financial and commercial, as well as a technological point of view ".

Visionalia and its innovative A-Mint product aim high: revolutionize the way you listen and live music. Enry's Island has decided to enter significantly the A.I market, selecting a startup based on Artificial Intelligence algorithms applied to the entertainment sector. Visionalia, a branch in Italy and one in London, therefore aims to revolutionize the market of musical entertainment, both live and in the studio.