Roma Europa Festival

Featuring Alex Braga & Danilo Rea

December 2017


In the dialogue between machine and man fits the project conceived by Alex Braga, versatile artist able to range from music to conceptual art, and built with Danilo Rea, one of the most famous piano improvisors in the world. Third inconvenience of this bizarre ménage is A-Mint, the A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) specially designed by the Faculty of Engineering of Roma Tre together with Braga.


Alex Braga

Alex Braga is a poliedric and original artist, ranging from performative to conceptual art. Born in Novara in 1976, he has lived in many cities in Italy and in the USA and has been active on the audiovisual scene since 1995, focusing on Music, Radio and Television.

Danilo Rea

Born in Vicenza almost by chance, Danilo Rea is Roman, but not by adoption. It is Roman because his story in music was born in Rome, between the walls of his house, where the charm for the old vinyl of Modugno is stronger, even as a child, of any entertainment: the real game is to play the piano, the true enchantment is music, the true dream is the melody, the true abandonment is in harmony. And the passion becomes study at the Conservatory of Santa Cecilia, and the passion becomes a study at the Conservatory of Santa Cecilia, where he graduated in piano with honors and where he teaches in the jazz chair until 2017.